Integrative Intelligence

What is Integrative Intelligence

Integrative Intelligence is a way of knowing, living, and sharing knowledge where the central idea is that all things related to the topic of study are interconnected in a coherent way. This can be achieved by knowing how humans and systems are interrelated, which opinions, perspectives and goals they have.

Integrative Intelligence requires an ability to relate to, and arrange, many kinds of internal and external signals or inputs, holistically, to achieve a coherent understanding for all further purposes. How big the context is for applying Integrative Intelligence is decided by the person whose Integrative Intelligence we are talking about. This depends on his need for ownership.

Some people feel responsible for certain context and formulate goals and become ‘owner’. Others do not take responsibilities and follow others. How big is this context? It’s dependent on the individual and therefore gets decided by the individual himself. This is influenced by a person’s age, lifestage and professional experiences. Therefore, we label the context as adopted context.

Sources and implications of Integrative Intelligence

Input for Integrative Intelligence could derive from verbal or nonverbal information, outer expressions of speech, impressions, associations, mental images, memories, emotions, dedication, formal as well as experiential knowledge, internal devotional qualities, subtle signals or intuition and thereby leading to directions, algorithms, processes or procedures.

Impact of Integrative Intelligence

In Integrative Intelligence a solution cannot be absolutely (or permanently) seen as good or bad but it needs to be evaluated in the particular context where the decision is being made. Integrative Intelligence helps in interpreting a VUCA context by incorporating a broad context and variety of input so that the meaning that is being given to the context creates connectedness with The chances to realize harmony between stakeholders in decision making processes increases.

This harmony confirms that people, natural systems and man-made systems are in connection with each other. The bigger the adopted context, the more complex the interplay that occurs between stakeholders. When there is no harmony it is relevant that stakeholders take responsibility and reflect on their own behavior and its consequences. There are of course contexts where this harmony lies beyond a person’s control and ownership is not realistic.

In Integrative Intelligence it is not expected that everyone is responsible for defining all kinds of solutions. The consciousness of the stakeholders is an important factor here. The higher the consciousness the more it invites for simplification and connectedness.

Applying Integrative Intelligence

We help you in simplifying organizational designs and nurturing integrative intelligence. The consultancy activities are holistically developed by focusing on individual intelligence in combination with systems intelligence. These activities may lead to integrative outcomes:

◆ Economic outcomes such as sustainable innovation

◆ Humane outcomes such as healthy, meaningful, and happy workplaces

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