India Tulip for Spiritual Journeys

You might want to visit India in order to find answers to life’s questions. Perhaps you face a major decision, or you have the feeling of being stuck in your work or personal life. India offers excellent opportunities to grow at all five aspects: physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual.

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders have expressed their love and admiration for Indian culture. They have often shared their experience of how they got inspired from their India visits.

There are many spiritual places in India, for instance the Himalayas and the Ganges River. One of India Tulip’s coaches can accompany you on your journey through the country. The journey helps to lay a foundation for finding personal insight and possible transformation in the way you view the world and your personal contribution to it.

We see your journey as a part of a mentoring process. This starts with an intake, we will determine the purpose of your trip. What are the things you are looking for an answer to? After this first phase, we design an itinerary which allows you to get inspired and to find answers to your challenges. During this trip, you can be accompanied by one of the coaches of India Tulip.

Back in the Netherlands we evaluate the journey with you and hear about your reflections on how you would transfer your experiences to the Dutch daily practice.

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