Mental Coaching for Companies

Our coaching mainly focuses on the person themself, their personality traits, their style of communication, and their sense of purpose. The 'psychology' of the individual is therefore central, with a holistic view on the person. Based on our many experiences in entrepreneurship, we are also well equipped to give guidance with regard to personnel topics.

The one-on-one conversations are tailored to the client and may consist of transfer of expertise, behavioural change (counselling) or dealing with certain working practices. Furthermore, we offer various relaxation and focusing techniques, which improve the client's relaxation and ability to perform.

Our Vision

Professionals who perform with joy have a performance-based professional attitude, are mentally fit and have mental skills.

◆ Performance-based professional attitude: sense of purpose, learning attitude

◆ Mentally fit: selfconfidence, motivation, resilient, energy

◆ Mental skills: concentration, stress resistant, self talk, coping skills

Our services

◆ Career

◆ Entrepreneurship

◆ Leadership

◆ Burnout

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