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Understanding Integrative Intelligence


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Embodied in S model Auteurs: Sharda Nandram, Puneet Bindlish & Wim Keizer ISBN 978-9-491-55107-9 Our lack of ability to deal with the current climate of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) is the cause or catalyst for a rise in fanaticism, existential crisis, fraud, greed and unnecessary competition across the globe. In this book, the authors attribute these issues to a lack of Integrativeness in our worldview. They present the concept of “Integrative Intelligence” as a means to inculcate a much needed Integrativeness to transform our perspective. Rather than thinking of VUCA issues as problems, they suggest to approach them as sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities. The authors show how Integrative Intelligence nourishes our material and spiritual needs and inspire us to pave the way for better societies and celebrating humaneness. This book will provide you, the entrepreneur, intrapreneur, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, or executive professional with an understanding of Integrative Intelligence and tools for working with the opportunities of the next digital wave. Integrative Intelligence comprises of our Individual Intelligence and System Intelligence. You will gain insights empowering you to view organizational innovation with creativity and approaches to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and reduction of wastage of resources. This book will help you understand the root causes of many types of problems such as fanaticism, existential crisis, bureaucracy and digitalization. It helps to find meaning and purpose in life, a view to analyze and build cooperation and harmony in organizations, businesses, industries and communities. It nourishes the natural tendency to seek for profit that is beneficial for all and continuous happiness.