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Integrality through Transformational Yoga


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Toward more focus and balance in daily life and the corporate world Swami Vidyanand & Sharda Nandram Centered energy and a balance life are two requisites to link productivity with a peaceful mind. The Transformational Yoga offers a means to create these conditions for all those seeking improvement in their professional or personal experience. Finding meaning in a busy lifestyle focused on the outer world doesn’t work, as many managers and entrepreneurs are recognizing. Integrating business life with our inner self through the principles of Transformational Yoga will give a sense of awakened energy, as the adventure of deeming our insight progresses on several levels. Publisher: Stone Hill Fundation Publishing 86 pages Table of Contents 1) The Fundamental Principles of Transformational Yoga 2) Transformational Yoga Postures (Asanas) 3) Transformational Yoga Breathing (Pranayamas) 4) Asanas for Advanced Practitioners 5) Transformational Yoga Sound Vibrations (Chanting Mantras) 6) Experiences of Teachers with Transformational Yoga 7) The Corporate World and Transformational Yoga 8) Summary and Reflections